Embossed Gloss Business Cards

Give your design an eye-catching texture.

  • Raised, glossy coating on the front of your card
  • Easy-to-write-on, fully matte surface on the back
  • Great for highlighting logos, names & more
  • Also known as spot UV business cards

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Paper Stock
Paper Weight
Embossed Gloss
Standard (3.5" x 2")
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Add a layer of interest with spot UV business cards.

Your business is one of a kind. Shouldn’t your business cards be unique, too? Embossed business cards (also known as spot UV or 3D printed business cards) create a look and feel that’s different from the norm. We give your text, logo and visuals a 3D shine, and the raised printing has a glossy feel people love running their fingers over. It’s a great way to make your card – and your business – stand out to customers.

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Tips for Embossed Gloss business cards

  • Use the raised gloss to highlight important information.
  • Choose high-contrast colors to take advantage of the glossy effect.
  • Use the finish to emphasize bold or large text (10pt and up).
Paper weight options
Shown below is a comparison of 100 business cards per stack.


A traditional 14pt paper weight with a silk backside.


A sturdier 16pt paper weight with a silk backside.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is embossed printing?
A: Embossed printing is a process that puts raised lettering and images on paper to create an eye-catching, three-dimensional effect. We use a raised, clear polymer coat to highlight certain parts of your design and make them pop out. As you design your card, you will get the chance to choose the parts of your card you’d like to be embossed – whether it’s text, design or both. 

Q: Is Spot UV the same thing as embossed gloss? 
A: Yes, the type of printing we use is also known as Spot UV. This process actually has a lot of names, so you  might see this type of product listed elsewhere as Raised Spot UV business cards, Laminated business cards, Spot Gloss business cards or Raised Print business cards. 

Q: How thick is the paper on these cards?
A: Out Embossed Gloss business cards are made using either a 16pt premium or 14pt standard paper. Each point (pt) is equal to .001 of an inch, to give you a frame of reference. Both options have a smooth, matte finish.

Q: Can you have embossed gloss on both sides? Is two-sided printing included in the price?
A: For now, you can only have embossed gloss on the front of your card. But we are working towards offering that option at some point in the future. In the meantime, you can get customized printing on the back of your card for an additional fee.   

Q: Can I get Embossed Gloss business cards with rounded corners? Or in a square shape?
A: You can order them with rounded corners, but not in a square shape. Scroll up to see the “Corners” options.

Q: If I choose a template, can I decide where to use embossed gloss? What if I upload my own design?
A: On our templates, the embossed areas can’t be changed. However, if you upload your own design, you have more freedom to decide which parts are raised. You can do this through our design studio, or you can leave specific directions for our CARE team.

Q: What’s the difference between embossing and debossing?
Embossing involves adding a layer of gloss on top of paper, whereas debossing is when text or an image is imprinted into the paper.

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