Matte Business Cards

High-quality cards with a smooth, polished look.

  • Rich, shine-free finish
  • Great for readability
  • Easy to write on

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Paper stock
Paper weight
Premium plus
Embossed Gloss
Foil Accent
Standard (3.5" x 2")
Square (2.5" x 2.5")
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Impress customers with a tried and true paper stock.

Trying to get noticed? Put your own personal touch on one of our most popular products, matte business cards. With a shine-free finish and colors that pop, your information comes through loud and clear. Browse a huge library of industry-specific matte business card templates or upload a design of your own.
Paper weight options

Shown below is a comparison of 100 business cards per stack.


A traditional 14pt paper with a matte coated front and uncoated back.


A sturdier 16pt paper weight with a matte coated front and silk backside.

Premium Plus

A thicker, heavier 18pt paper with matte finish coating on the front and back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How thick are matte business cards?
A: Standard matte business cards are 14pt (equal to .014 of an inch) and premium are 16pt (equal to .016 of an inch). Each point (pt) is equal to .001 of an inch, to give you a frame of reference.

Q: Is it a matte surface on both the front and back? Are matte cards easy to write on?
A: The cards have a matte finish on the front and a silk backside. With the standard and premium paper thicknesses, we apply a non-reflective varnish on the front. The coating provides an enhanced feel, but doesn’t allow for easy writing. It’s a bit easier to write on the silk backside, though it depends on the pen or marker you use.

Q: Do you offer matte black business cards?
A: We don’t have matte cards made with black paper, but you can print in any shade of black.

Q: Can I add foil accents or embossed gloss to matte coated business cards? How about square cards or rounded corners?
A:  You can use any of those great options for matte business cards. Just scroll up and look for the options closer to the top of the page.

Q: What’s the difference with matte vs. glossy business cards?
A: Matte business cards have a smoother, non-reflective surface, sometimes described as silky or polished. They’re great for deep colors and have a refined feel. Glossy business cards have a shiny, light-catching finish that helps bright colors and photographs pop.

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