Custom Backpacks

Showcase your business logo, club emblem or society slogan on versatile, custom backpacks. Whether you’re taking the familiar route to work or exploring somewhere new, these bags make a comfortable everyday commuter companion or as a compact holiday day bag. 

Computer Backpacks

Protection and comfort are essential when carrying your laptop. Our computer backpacks pack plenty of both.

Promotional Backpacks

These easy-to-design backpacks are ideal for branded giveaways, fundraising efforts, raising awareness and kitting out large teams.

Decoration Technology

Unsure which decoration option is best for you? Both offer you something different.

Single-color print 

Delivers a “painted on” feel. 


Stitches a textured logo onto the material.

Best for: logos that use one color or have a less intricate design.

Less suitable for: large designs or logos with color gradients and complicated details.

Best for: everyday items that demand durability and a long-lasting logo.

Less suitable for:  logos with very fine detail and complex logos with 15 colors or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which decoration style should I choose?
A: This depends on your personal choice and whether the custom backpack is a gift or for promotional use. Embroidery gives a more vibrant and textured feel, while single-color is ideal for simple promotional designs. 

Q: Can I order just one custom backpack?
A: Our promotional backpacks are designed as giveaways, so they start with minimum orders of 50. If you’re looking for a unique gift or something to use every day for work, the standard and premium backpacks have no minimum order quantity.

Q: Can I have my company logo printed with four colors? Is there any additional charge?
A: Our promotional custom logo backpacks employ a single-color print. On the standard and premium computer backpacks, you can include up to 15 colors in your embroidered logo. 

Q: Where can I add my design to the backpack?
A: Your design will be on the front of the bag in the middle. This is the most visible spot on the bag and the standard spot for backpack branding. You’ll see the specified printing area when you start designing. Within this area, you can place your design how you like – just make sure to keep it within the specified area.

Q: What materials are these backpacks made of?
A: Our promotional packable backpack is made of lightweight polyester to make it easy to fold up into itself. The promotional backpack uses a thicker polyester that doesn’t compromise on weight. The standard computer backpack uses durable polycanvas, while the premium computer backpacks both use types of polyester. This ensures protection, basic protection from the elements and keeps material weight as low as possible.