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You don’t need a separate mobile website builder to look your best to every customer. Vistaprint’s responsive website templates mean your site adjusts to any device like magic.

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A great mobile website matters more than ever

The world is going mobile. More and more, people are shopping, reading reviews, and searching for local businesses on the go. In fact, search engines now rank sites with mobile versions higher than desktop-only sites. That means more visitors to your website, and more customers through your doors.

Your brand doesn’t change - neither should your site

Your brand can get lost in the process if you have to use a separate mobile website builder to create a second version of your website. Consistent branding from your print materials to your online identity is key, and your mobile website is no exception. Using Vistaprint’s responsive, mobile-friendly web templates, your brand stays consistent across devices without a second thought.

Responsive mobile vs. desktop-only

A great mobile website is more than just a smaller version of your desktop site. True mobile websites like those you get automatically with Vistaprint offer a better experience for visitors in a number of ways:

Instead of making navigation menu links small and hard to click on, links on mobile sites collapse in a “hamburger” drop-down menu.
While desktop sites are optimized for landscape orientation (wider than tall), mobile sites look great in portrait (taller than wide) view.
Font Sizes
A desktop-only site will be scaled down such that viewers have to pinch and zoom to read, but mobile adjusts to keep type readable.
Headers & Footers
The header and footer sections of a responsive mobile website will automatically redesign themselves for optimal viewing on small screens.
Unlike using a separate mobile website builder, a responsive mobile site rearranges content to fit vertically without shrinking each of the elements.
Phone Actions
Mobile websites take advantage of things any smartphone can recognize, like clickable emails, directions, and phone numbers.

Get a beautiful website with an instant mobile version

Finally, there’s a truly simple way to get a website you’ll be proud of.

Start with designer templates made for your industry, then easily add and arrange beautiful content blocks like menus, calendars, and photo galleries.

Customize colors and fonts everywhere with a single click for a professional site that matches your brand.

Vistaprint customers can even pull logos and images from past orders to create a cohesive look!

  • Easy-to-learn ‘building blocks’ tool
  • Logos & images from past print orders
  • Instant, automatic mobile website
  • Designer color sets & font pairings
  • Pre-made blocks that save time
  • Free custom domain with Standard or Premium website packages

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