Custom Decals

Turn store windows, cars and more into branding opportunities with our durable custom decal stickers. Now you can use your business name, logo and colors to create a consistent, credible look that gets noticed on the go.

Turn traffic into opportunity. Make an impression with professional custom decals that turn heads.

Looking for a fresh way to get the word out about your business? Think about how much time people spend in their cars each day, and then consider creating professional, personalized decals. Bright and inviting window decals can stand out to people as they drive past your establishment, and entice them to come back later. And if you’re regularly on the road, a well-designed car door decal or car window decal can help you build brand awareness as you travel.

To start standing out, choose from our assortment of vinyl decals, and then add a few key details. Outfitting the windows of your store or office? Pick personalized window decals that include your business hours and recent accolades. Customizing your car? Feature your business name, logo and your website’s URL. Our window decals, car door decals and car window decals are made of durable material designed to stay in place as long as you’d like them to. But when the time comes, they’re easy to remove – without leaving messy streaks or residue behind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you apply custom decals?
A. For all decals other than our bumper stickers, we recommend a four-step “wet application” approach:

  1. Clean the surface onto which you’ll be placing the decal.
  2. Mix together warm water and dish liquid, then add it to the surface.
  3. Peel off the decal’s backing, then apply the decal to the wet surface.
  4. Smooth the decal from the center out, using either a squeegee or a straight surface, to work out any bubbles or excess liquid.

Q. Does a window decal or car window decal go on the inside or outside of the glass?
A. You can choose between our inside-glass or outside-glass options for either decal type. Inside-glass decals (also known as second surface decals) are printed on the cling side. Outside-glass decals (first surface decals) cling on the back and are applied to the outside of your car or window.

Q. What kind of adhesive is used on your car decals?
A. Our car door decals and car window decals use transparent polyacrylate. It’s a removable, pressure-sensitive adhesive that stays put – but it doesn’t damage your car’s paint job.

Q. What’s the difference between car door decals and car window decals? Which is best for me?
A. Choosing between car door decals and car window decals really is a matter of personal preference. That said, there are a few things we do recommend keeping in mind: 

If your car has just been painted, we recommend you wait about 30 days before applying a car door decal – or you may opt for a car window decal instead.

• If the color of your vehicle matches the color of your business logo, think twice about designing a clear car door decal. Your logo will stand out better with our white car door decals or car window decals.

• Car window decals should never be used on your windshield, front windows or any other window that blocks your view while driving.

Q. Will my custom decals stick to wood, concrete or PVC?
A. These decals are neither designed nor intended for surfaces other than glass or car doors. That said, if you’re interested in adding a sticker to other surfaces, our bumper stickers may do the trick!

Q: Can I re-use personalized car door decals or custom window decals?
A: Our decals can be repositioned easily, but we don’t recommend that you regularly take them off and add them back on. Doing so can lead to dust and debris building up on the cling side, which can cause bubbles to appear.

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