Restroom Signs

Help people find the facilities with ADA-compliant bathroom signs. Now you can make your workspace easier to navigate for visitors, customers and employees alike. Wheelchair-accessible options available.

Point your team or guests in the right direction with clear and simple bathroom signs.

Looking for a simple way to improve the flow and movement of your office or shop? Prominently displayed restroom signs will help cut down on confusion for employees and guests alike. Our 8” x 6” black and white signs featured raised printing on thick plastic – not only are they easy to spot and recognize, they’re also ADA-compliant.

Ready to add these directional signs to doors or hallways? Choose from our women’s, men’s and gender-neutral signs, each with wheelchair-accessible options. Your signs will arrive pre-mounted with adhesive backing, all set and ready for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I put up my restroom signs?
A: Our signs arrive with adhesive pre-mounted on the back, so you’ll be able to stick them onto the wall right away. It’s a good idea to clean the walls before you add your sign – and we don’t recommend using these on walls with latex paint.

Q: What are these bathroom signs made of?
A: 1/8”-thick injection molded plastic.

Q: Are these signs ADA-compliant?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have any other restroom sign designs?
A: If you’re interested in more options, consider our plastic door signsIn addition to more designs – including generic “restroom” or “all-gender” options – you can create a sign with the text or logo of your choice. Please note that, at this time, we can’t print these signs with the raised plastic that makes them ADA-compliant.

Q: Can I get a custom bathroom sign that still meets ADA regulations?
A. No. While you can add our wheelchair accessibility icon to these signs, we do not offer custom braille or custom raised print at this time. If you’d like to add extra personalized touches, we recommend pairing your sign with one of our full-color plastic door signs.

Q. Do you sell other office signs?
A. We do. We offer a wide range of general wayfinding signs that call out exits, stairs and more. And if you’d like to create customized office signage, you can check out our full-color plastic door signs.