Wayfinding Signs

Add efficiencies to your workspace or office with clear and helpful directional signage, including ADA signs. Now you can easily call attention to building exits, staircases and more.

Staircase signage

Stair Signs

Draw attention to stairways and stairwells. 8” x 6”.
In case of fire signs

In Case of Emergency Signs

Remind everyone to avoid elevators in an emergency. 8” x 6”.
Stop smoking signs

No Smoking Signs

Ask customers or employees to take their cigarettes outside.  3” x 6”.
exit sign

Exit Signs

Help people make a smooth and graceful exit. 3” x 6”.
No Cell Phone

No Cell Phone Signs

Point out designated quiet spaces within the workspace. 3” x 6”.
restroom sign used in office

Restroom Signs

Make it easy for staff or guests to find the facilities. 8” x 6”.
Improve flow through your workspace with easy-to-use wayfinding signage.

Ready to help employees or visitors as they move through your office building or shop? Wayfinding signs make it easy to point out restrooms, stairwells, exits and more. Made of durable, 1/8”-thick injection molded plastic, these signs come in two color options – white text on a black sign, or black text on white – and have raised printing that meets ADA regulations. Our bathroom signs also include option to add a wheel-chair accessible icon.

Ready to add directional signage to your workplace’s doors or hallways? Just pick the signs that best suit your needs. They’ll arrive pre-mounted with adhesive backing, all set and ready for use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I attach wayfinding signs to the wall?
A: Each of our directional signs will arrive with adhesive pre-mounted on the back. All you’ll need to do is peel off the protective sticker cover and then press it to the wall. That said, we do recommend you clean your walls – and that you don’t put these signs on walls with latex paint.

Q: What are these signs made of?
A: 1/8”-thick injection molded plastic.

Q: Do I have color options for these signs?
A: Yes. All of our wayfinding signs have two available color options – white text on a black sign, or black text on a white sign.

Q: Is your wayfinding signage ADA-compliant?
A: Our stair signs, in case of emergency signs, exist signs and restroom signs all meet ADA regulations.

Q: Can I get custom ADA signs?
A. No. We do not offer custom braille or custom raised print at this time. If you’d like to display your business logo or other custom touches, we recommend pairing ADA-compliant signs with full-color plastic door signs.

Q: Can I use these signs outside my office?
A: We recommend limiting these wayfinding signs to indoor use. If you’re looking for a sturdy outdoor-friendly option, you can check out our metal signs or acrylic signs.